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T-Rodeo, the rat-rod Telecaster (« Rodeocaster »)

Here is the T-Rodeo, my rat-rod Telecaster! Historically this is the #3 Telecaster in my arsenal, another one that I built from scratch with Warmoth parts as done with Telecaster #002. It’s a stripped-down (« rat-rod« ) but sonically high-powered (« rat-rod« / »bobber« ) and highly customized (« bobber« ) Telecaster. This « Rodeocaster » is a combination of wood and metal designed for […]


Telecaster #002: Custom Barden Thinline

Historically this guitar is my second Telecaster (rather an Esquire which is the one-pickup version of the Telecaster) in the closet but also the first one built from scratch. Indeed I’ve assembled this guitar in early 2009 from parts that I’ve purchased from Warmoth, a supplier of guitar parts made in USA, under license by […]


Telecaster #001: Squier® by Fender, Texas Special

The Squier Telecaster® is the first electric guitar I’ve purchased. I bought this one second-hand in early 1995 and I performed my first gigs with it. This is a reissue of the first Telecaster guitars produced in the early fifties featuring a heavy ash body and a maple neck. The original Tele. The serial number, […]