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Rodeo at altitude / Rodéo en altitude

Rodeo at altitude / Rodéo en altitude

Picture courtesy of zacdanslesbois.canalblog Last saturday night we took the combo high to perform at an altitude of 3800 ft.! The place is La Gélinotte, a small cafe/restaurant near the Freydières Lake in the Belledonne massif. We could have even used the mountain echo to produce our characteristic slapback sound. You can’t come here by […]


Rodeo on a pick-up truck / Rodéo à l’arrière d’un camion

Performing on a pick-up was usual for bands in America in the 50’s. That’s what we did at The 3 Brasseurs brewery/restaurant in Echirolles last thursday evening, on the pick-up truck parked inside the brewery. The TV sets in the room were broadcasting the basket-ball game that France was losing against Spain for the European […]

Bastille 2015~2

Unplugged rodeo at the Bastille / Rodéo débranché à La Bastille !

For the 3rd year in a row, from the beginnings of the festival « A La Bastille » organized by the theater group « Les Bleus de Sassenage » and its Great Helmsman Philippe Bazatole, on Friday 7th August we took the stage of one of the amphitheaters of the Bastille, that offer an amazing sight over the city […]

Freewheelin' at the Café Vélo / En roue libre au Café Vélo

Freewheelin’ at the Café Vélo / En roue libre au Café Vélo

Freewheeling ? Actually never when you’re on stage. We always sweat our notes, twanging, slapping and sliding out. But this time we stopped at the Café Vélo, a cyclists’ place in Grenoble as its name clearly states. It’s intended to be a shelter for cyclists who break their bikes, providing them not only parts and […]


Deadly gig on the campus / Concert « Mortel ! » sur le campus

Last saturday we performed a « deadly » gig! Not that we killed people by breaking their ears. « Deadly » (« Mortel ! » in french) was the title of the festival we played on the Grenoble campus with the partnership of Radio Campus Grenoble (home of Honky Tonk Live). The setlist was oriented on that purpose : except for […]


T-Rodeo, the rat-rod Telecaster (« Rodeocaster »)

Here is the T-Rodeo, my rat-rod Telecaster! Historically this is the #3 Telecaster in my arsenal, another one that I built from scratch with Warmoth parts as done with Telecaster #002. It’s a stripped-down (« rat-rod« ) but sonically high-powered (« rat-rod« / »bobber« ) and highly customized (« bobber« ) Telecaster. This « Rodeocaster » is a combination of wood and metal designed for […]


Telecaster #002: Custom Barden Thinline

Historically this guitar is my second Telecaster (rather an Esquire which is the one-pickup version of the Telecaster) in the closet but also the first one built from scratch. Indeed I’ve assembled this guitar in early 2009 from parts that I’ve purchased from Warmoth, a supplier of guitar parts made in USA, under license by […]

7 Laux

Double trouble / Un weekend pour deux (concerts)

We’ve performed twice this weekend. Friday was our first time outside the city since 2013, back to where our music comes from : country! We were warmly welcomed at Le Relais des 7 Laux in the small village of Froges, at the bottom of the Pra-Poutel ski resort. No better place to play our kind […]

Gretsch 6120 Pennzoil

Poker Diesel, a rat-rod Gretsch 6120®

  I purchased this Gretsch 6120® (s/n: JT05052758) with its cows and cactus inlays in 2005 and it is still one of my favorites on stage. You can hear it on my « White Trash Blues » album tracks. Like all my guitars I customized this one. It is originally a « Reverend Horton Heat » signature model based […]

Between bar and restrooms / Entre le comptoir et les toilettes

Between bar and restrooms / Entre le comptoir et les toilettes

Between bar and restrooms, that’s often where everything happens for musicians. The stage or at least the room left for musicians to perform, is traditionally positioned there. The drunk guy who’s heading for the urinal by radar will inevitably collide with a guitar neck. At L’Art-Ti-Cho though, the stage is slightly shifted from that critical […]


Telecaster #001: Squier® by Fender, Texas Special

The Squier Telecaster® is the first electric guitar I’ve purchased. I bought this one second-hand in early 1995 and I performed my first gigs with it. This is a reissue of the first Telecaster guitars produced in the early fifties featuring a heavy ash body and a maple neck. The original Tele. The serial number, […]


Lonesome Fugitive, the Tennessee® J-200 folk guitar

This guitar is my roadhorse when I have no power at hand. This pure acoustic six-shooter (no electronics at all) is a replica of the famous Gibson J-200 made by GEWA, a German company. I bought it in 2005 in Germany and I have been playing it since then at every unplugged session, radio show… […]