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Dusty Rodeo gas station_perspective

Bière et fin de guerre / Beer and end of war

Après avoir officié à la cérémonie de la traditionnelle Bière de Saison sur le trottoir des 3 Brasseurs d’Échi(rock’n’)rolles le 5 octobre, nous avons passé le 11 novembre six pieds sous terre pour marquer la sortie des tranchées de 14-18. C’est la cave du Jules Verne qui a abrité le Rodeo tandis que la pluie […]


History of country music industry / Histoire de l’industrie de la country-music

History of country music industry « The country music industry traces its roots to 1927 and the “Bristol Sessions” where artists the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers were discovered. From the start, the industry played on race divisions, creating the illusion that the music was very segregated even though it was not really the case. And […]

Dusty Rodeo teaser / Bande-annonce Dusty Rodeo

C’est désormais la bande-annonce de Dusty Rodeo (avec accord parental requis pour les mineurs) sur une musique de Steffan Rock/Dusty Rodeo — This is the official teaser for Dusty Rodeo (parental guidance required for kids) on a music by Steffan Rock/Dusty Rodeo. ENJOY!

Beer drinkers and hell raisers / Buveurs de bière et fouteurs de merde

Beer drinkers and hell raisers / Buveurs de bière et fouteurs de merde

« Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers », that’s the title of a ZZ Top song. That shambolic atmosphere is also well accounted in such classics as Carl Perkins « Dixie Fried » and Johnny Burnette « Rockabilly Boogie ». The rock’n’roll basis. It’s music of beer drinkers, whether they stand on stage or in the room. The hops-based beverage refreshes and […]

Detour on going / le détour suit son cours

Detour on going / le détour suit son cours

The live (de)tour we started some months ago is going on. Check out the « Live » page to catch all the info regarding our next gigs. This is a detour in the city of Grenoble in which we rumble on different stages, sometimes coming back on the same ones. No other goal than just playing live […]


The German years: blues basterds Crazy Ol’ Jens & BB Browzee

(Crazy Ol’) Jens Grimm and (BB) Bernd Browzee are the blues basterds with whom I shared the stage and the radio studio during my years in Germany. Jens, all the time completely nuts, blows the harmonica since times when I was not even born. He experienced the times when the greatest bluesmen toured Europe during […]


Rockabilly A cold winter day in Tupelo He was born who would become the King Hillbilly music and songs from the Negro He married them with his pelvis shaking On the 5th of July 1954 Rock is exploding with the damned hillbilly cat Bill slappin’ the big standin’ up bass Scotty picking the guitar with […]


Blues What does the Blues tell ? The singer tells he’s walking to hell To those who were born with a silver spoon He answers, howlin’ to the moon, That he was born with a fork in his teeth Everyday he’s falling below his feet Blues is not sad, it’s true Blues is an incantation […]

Steffan Rock in the Reverbnation Charts

We’re number 8 on the ReverbNation Country charts for FR. — Steffan Rock Prod. ? (@SteffanRock) October 21, 2012

Country music is for cowboys and bikers but also cops / La Country, une musique de cowboys, de bikers mais aussi de flics

That night in May 1999, I’m on stage with Martin, a German guitar player, and Coen, a Dutch harp player. Our trio, the European Cosmic Cowboys, performs tunes from the Louisiana swamps as if they came from the banks of the Loire River. We are only three musicians, without any bass player nor any drummer […]

Steffan Rock in the Reverbnation Charts

We’re #9 on the ReverbNation Country charts in France. #10 for All-Genre in Grenoble #country #grenoble — Steffan Rock Prod. ? (@SteffanRock) July 16, 2012

Steffan Rocks The Honky-Tonks

Steffan Rocks The Honky-Tonks

The young european is just coming outside the radio studio where he gave a 30-minute unplugged performance showing what a french singer could supply to a country audience. He sweat, gave the best of himself and is proud of the reaction of his american fellows. His new album « White Trash Blues » features a collection of […]