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The good old days of Cold War / Le bon temps de la Guerre Froide

The good old days of Cold War / Le bon temps de la Guerre Froide

5th July 1954, atomic times… In the days of Cold War, rock’n’roll, an electric music, is spreading like a powder trail. On that summer day, Elvis is recording with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black his first record released on 45 and 78 rpm records. A-side: « That’s All Right, Mama », an old blues number […]


On stage at Bayard / Le Combo sans peur et un public sans reproche au Bayard

Last Saturday as a stop on our (de)tour in the city, we played at home at the famous Grenoble musical headquarters called Café Bayard. On the backroom stage, we performed our set while Bernie the place mayor was occasionnaly playing along his mandolin between two services behind his bar, adding a kind of stereo to […]


A night at Le Ness / une soirée au Ness

Vendredi soir notre (dé)tour dans la ville a fait étape au Ness. Nous avons dégainé nos flingues à cordes dans l’arrière-salle du café-restaurant russe de Sacha pour deux bonnes heures de jeu. A cette issue, comme désormais à l’accoutumée chez notre amie russe, nous avons eu droit à la restauration du cru et à la […]

Detour on going / le détour suit son cours

Detour on going / le détour suit son cours

The live (de)tour we started some months ago is going on. Check out the « Live » page to catch all the info regarding our next gigs. This is a detour in the city of Grenoble in which we rumble on different stages, sometimes coming back on the same ones. No other goal than just playing live […]


The Combo at l’Art-Ti-Cho

That picture above was taken at the the bar we played on saturday and illustrates the spirit of the place: a tiny room and something to play. We didn’t play with the Spider-Man pinball but we played on the stage. For the first time, we performed live with Alan, an outstanding fiddler who brings the […]