a gang of hard twangin’ gunners…

Who’s the good one ? Who’s the bad one ? Who’s the ugly one ?
Qui est le bon ? Qui est la brute ? Qui est le truand ?


Steffan Rock

This is the terrific Steffan Rock story ! Paris, France, June 1832: known as Gavroche at the barricade, sings « Little People » (« La Faute à Voltaire » in french) Paris, France, July 1903: takes part in the first Tour de France Mississippi, March 1934: meets Robert Johnson at the crossroads Tennessee, December 1952: trades pills for songs […]


Fab « Fabulous Bassman » Besson

Four gut strings are enough to Fab Bassman to stroke and slap his big woody lady. He came into the Combo like he plays his music : with his mountaineer’s headlamp by exploring new territories. He’s originally an electric bass player and writes and records electronic music (« The KarXX » project) between different eccentric projects. Here […]


Jeff Gringo SPK

Jeff’s sticks and brushes are ticking the tempo for the Dusty Rodeo powertrain. Jeff exhausts his four-stroke beat standing up behind a reduced drumset, which is enough to power the Rodeo engine. But Jeff’s talent range is much wider than the minimalistic skin beating for Dusty Rodeo. He also sings, writes songs, plays the guitar, […]