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Rock’n’roll is a strange thing / Le rock’n’roll est une créature étrange (Bob Dylan)

« Traditional rock & roll, we’re talking about that. It’s all about rhythm. Johnny Cash said it best: « Get rhythm. Get rhythm when you get the blues. » Very few rock & roll bands today play with rhythm. They don’t know what it is. Rock & roll is a combination of blues, and it’s a strange thing […]

The premonitory power of a song / Le pouvoir prémonitoire d’une chanson

In 1954, bluesman Pat Hare was recording « I’m Gonna Murder My Baby » at the Sun studio in Memphis. Eight years later, the man commited indeed this murder that would send him to jail for a sixteen-year sentence. Does it testify the premonitory power of a song ? We may believe in it. The same kind […]

« Leavin’ Drinkin’ Shootin' » free download

Podcast: Lire dans une autre fenêtre | TéléchargerSubscribe: Android | RSSHere is my song « Leavin’ Drinkin’ Shootin’ » originally from the « White Trash Blues » album produced in 2006. This one was remixed by my friend Thierry Ménanteau, producer/recording engineer living in Dublin, Ireland. You can also download the original album on