featuring the hardcore twang of :
Steffan Rock.........................twisted vocals & six-string Tennessee flat-top box
Marv Iron Cross....................nuclear twang guitar

Tools used on this album :
Fostex MR-8HD digital multitrack recorder, T-Bone GM-55 microphone, milk & moonshine drinks

Engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jesse Sawngun at the Conoco Station
from June to October 2006
Artwork design by Marv Iron Cross

•     Produced by Jesse Sawngun and Steffan Rock     •

Track listing:
1. The Return of Marv
2. White Trash Blues
3. Leavin' Drinkin' Shootin'
4. Sing Sing
5. The Ravel Line
6. Four Wheels
7. Black Jack David

Press buzz around "White Trash Blues" :

Interview with the Miller Springs Dispatch (25th Oct. '06)
Interview with L'Echo du Soir (in french) (28th Oct. '06)


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