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Steffan Rock in the Reverbnation Charts

We’re number 8 on the ReverbNation Country charts for FR. — Steffan Rock Prod. ? (@SteffanRock) October 21, 2012

Country music is for cowboys and bikers but also cops / La Country, une musique de cowboys, de bikers mais aussi de flics

That night in May 1999, I’m on stage with Martin, a German guitar player, and Coen, a Dutch harp player. Our trio, the European Cosmic Cowboys, performs tunes from the Louisiana swamps as if they came from the banks of the Loire River. We are only three musicians, without any bass player nor any drummer […]

Steffan Rock in the Reverbnation Charts

We’re #9 on the ReverbNation Country charts in France. #10 for All-Genre in Grenoble #country #grenoble — Steffan Rock Prod. ? (@SteffanRock) July 16, 2012

Steffan Rocks The Honky-Tonks

Steffan Rocks The Honky-Tonks

The young european is just coming outside the radio studio where he gave a 30-minute unplugged performance showing what a french singer could supply to a country audience. He sweat, gave the best of himself and is proud of the reaction of his american fellows. His new album « White Trash Blues » features a collection of […]

Steffan Rock-coeur country

Steffan Rock-coeur country

Son nom sonne bizarre. Normal, c’est un nom de scène et ça doit sonner unique en son genre. On en sait peu sur lui et sa musique ne nous en dit pas plus sur sa personne sinon sur son style. Essayons alors de cerner le personnage en le rencontrant. Pas évident. Pas très disponible. Non […]

Honky-Tonkers Don’t Cry / Un honky-tonker, ça ne pleure pas

Beside the gigs that we perform within a scope with a defined time on stage and a setlist played in a particular sequence, we meet each other at jam sessions where each of the participating musicians freely expresses his talent and his creative spirit, tests new songs and meets other musical fellows. That kind of […]

Like Charlie Parker / Comme Charlie Parker

During one of our last gigs in Grenoble, France, our guitar necks bumped into José’s saxophone. I noticed this Spanish musician while he was performing on the street in the city indifference. That guy was dirty and stinking but what a music! I discussed about him with my music fellows at our Café Bayard HQ. […]

The premonitory power of a song / Le pouvoir prémonitoire d’une chanson

In 1954, bluesman Pat Hare was recording « I’m Gonna Murder My Baby » at the Sun studio in Memphis. Eight years later, the man commited indeed this murder that would send him to jail for a sixteen-year sentence. Does it testify the premonitory power of a song ? We may believe in it. The same kind […]

« Leavin’ Drinkin’ Shootin' » free download

Podcast: Lire dans une autre fenêtre | TéléchargerSubscribe: Android | RSSHere is my song « Leavin’ Drinkin’ Shootin’ » originally from the « White Trash Blues » album produced in 2006. This one was remixed by my friend Thierry Ménanteau, producer/recording engineer living in Dublin, Ireland. You can also download the original album on